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Remote Access/Control Apps

I must say I have used a number of remote control/access programs through the years and LogMeIn still delivers the most reliable products.

From their FREE version of remote access to their Rescue app you can’t ask for much more. You can even download their apps on most smartphones running iOS and or Android operating systems. And to me that is truly what I call remote support. When I can pull out my smartphone and remote in to a server and fix problems on the go without having to get my laptop out and pull over and try to find free Wi-Fi somewhere unless I guess you have an all-access wireless card from one of the big mobile carriers.

With that being said I use LogMeIn products daily and mostly the free version and I am not sure how I could operate without them!


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LightSpeed Web Filter Appliance

Our new LightSpeed web filter “Total Traffic Control 8” is now in place and has been very impressive so far compared to the districts old web filter appliance that I won’t mention yet.

Choosing to go in-line is way better than a standard proxy scenario where your users browsers are just pointed to a fully qualified domain name or the proxy servers IP address. New proxy workarounds seem to pop-up daily and now that we are forcing all traffic to roll through the TTC box most of that traffic is now getting blocked!

I must say that the reporting is also top-notch compared to other products on the market that are of this caliber and capable of filtering traffic of an enterprise network.

So if your business or school district is in the market for a new web filter I believe it would be worth your time to check out LightSpeed Systems web filter appliances…

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